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Gym 1: Eve Grass
LV Pokemon
10 Oddish
10 Bellsprout
11 Bulbasaur

Gym 2: Pike Water
LV Pokemon
19 Psyduck
20 Krabby
21 Wartortle

Gym 3: Alex Fire
LV Pokemon
24 Flareon
25 Magmar
25 Charmeleon

Gym 4: Lucy Normal
LV Pokemon
30 Taurus
30 Chansey
30 Wigglytuff
32 Kangaskhan

Gym 5: Paul Psychic
LV Pokemon
35 Hypno
35 Mr. Mime
35 Starmie
37 Kadabra

Gym 6: Rebecca Fighting
LV Pokemon
40 Primeape
41 Hitmonlee
41 Hitmonchan
42 Machamp

Gym 7: Harry & Larry Ghost
Lv Pokemon
40 Haunter
40 Haunter
50 Gengar
50 Gengar

Gym 8: Watt Electric
Lv Pokemon
50 Magneton
50 Jolteon
50 Electrabuzz
50 Electrode
52 Raichu

Badges and TMs
They are inherited from the Kanto Region. (1 of 2 things unoriginal)

Elite Four
Ozma Bug
LV Pokemon
55 Venomoth
57 Parasect
60 Butterfree
60 Beedrill

Aria Flying
LV Pokemon
63 Pidgeot
64 Fearow
64 Farfetch'd
65 Dodrio
67 Gyarados

Hera Poison
LV Pokemon
70 Nidoking
72 Nidoqueen
72 Golbat
73 Vileplum
73 Muk
73 Weezing

Piers Ice
LV Pokemon
75 Vaporeon
80 Dewgong
80 Cloyster

Elite Four Champion: Red (Replaces Old Man met in Viridian who shows you how to catch pokemon... as a cameo.)
LV Pokemon
90 Venasaur
90 Blastoise
90 Charizard
90 Snorlax
90 Lapras
95 Pikachu

Secret Boss (Return to Mt. Moon) Blue
Lv Pokemon
100 Moltres
100 Articuno
100 Zapdos
100 Mewtwo

The setting is in a much older Kanto as a "what if" scenario. What if Gamefreak released a sequel set only in kanto, no other regions exsist, Insane graphics/story upgrade, Balancing moves/types, and a freaking epic after game... (Pokedex and Battle Park on steriods)

The after game goes like this... After being beaten by Red, Blue sets off to find an ultimate way to defeat Red. Red never completes his pokedex because he refuses to try to capture the Legendaries, after finding out that Mew will personally come and liberate them (Mew can only be caught with Masterball). Blue uses this to his advantage and proceeds to hunt them down using all available resources, even pairing up with the remnants of Team Rocket. He plans to use all the legendaries against Red and the Elite Four. You come across him because you are trying to complete the pokedex after the E4.
In an epic showdown, you beat Blue and are then allowed to catch Mew using the one Masterball Silph Co. produced, Team Rocket stole, Blue possesed, and you recieve.

What ya think? (only took forever to think up and type.)
"..."- Red