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    Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
    Your Username: Olli97
    Your Rival: Blue
    Partner Pokemon: Ozzy the Sandshrew and Not-Pidgey the Pidgeot.
    Why do you like Rivals?: I feel like rivals are as important characters in the games as the villainous teams for the most part, however there are a few examples I don't quite feel live up to it. It also seems like the whole rival thing has lost its touch over the years from back in the old games of, since the whole rival thing has become more like "YAAAY FRIENDS, ALTHOUGH NOW THAT WE'RE ON AN ADVENTURE, WE SHOULD BE RIVALS TOO", instead of the actual rival feeling that came from the ones like Blue and Silver, and a bit from Wally too, since they didn't actually know each other prior to the adventure. The best example of the perfect rival would probably be Blue, as he's pretty much what defines a rival, and while I think Silver was a great other rival, he and the protagonist didn't really share much of a bond in any way.

    But yeah, they are of course an essential part of your journey, and are very meaningful characters, and a main series game without a rival just wouldn't really feel right.

    Why did you choose your Pokemon, and why did you choose your Rival?

    Eh, as for the Pokemon, I guess some people would find it pretty obvious. It was hard having to choose between which that should be the pre-evolution, but since both of them were finally available, I had to go with what I thought worked out best. I know Alex doesn't like Sandslash quite as much as Sandshrew, so chose him as the prevolution, and then I'll just have to live with Not-Pidgey not being a Pidgey

    As for why I chose Blue. As I mentioned, Blue is the best example of an actual rival in my opinion, and since he was also the first rival for me, I kinda preferred him over everyone else /bias. However, it was that kinda rivalry, where he would act like a total douche, try out every opportunity he could get to show how much better he was than you (failing for the most part I may add), however you could still see that there was a friendship with them. He wasn't outright violent like Silver was for example, and he did often act more like he was testing how far the protagonist had gotten, rather than how far he himself had gotten, and just trying to beat you like Silver did. I dunno, it may just be me, but I just feel like he was the perfect friend-rival, not like how Cheren and Bianca was, but just in a way that made it seem more like they were actually rivals. Idk, that's just how I see it.
    Welcome to the club!

    I agree, the new Rivals aren't really much like Rivals. Barry was not that much of a Rival at first (The £1,000,000 pound fines are all just nonsense, and it's not something a rival does). But he does get a bit rival-like at the end, but unfortunately his nonsense is still retained. But otherwise, Barry is a good guy, and he kind of makes the right choice on what to catch! Barry is one of my favourite rivals though. He made a somewhat not-a-lot-to-do region quite fun.

    I don't think Hugh is very much like a rival either. But unlike Barry, this one tended to last for quite a long time. You have many Tag Battles splitting up the battles with him. When you battle with him as a Tag-Partner for the first time, it will obviously be a long time until you and him could have a battle against each other again. Hugh is very nice to the player, something rivals won't usually do. I never saw him as a competitive Rival, especially due to the fact that you team up and have him as a Tag-Partner a number of times.

    Originally Posted by Za_Destroyer View Post
    Your Username: Za_Destroyer
    Your Rival: Hugh (B2/W2)
    Partner Pokemon: Alex the Eevee and Hammy the Heracross
    Why do you like Rivals?: They're usually a tough opponent in battles. Besides, you get lots o' EXP Points for beating them!

    Why did you choose your Pokemon, and why did you choose your Rival?

    Well, as for Hugh, I picked him because he never backs down. Even after his sister's Purrloin was kidnapped by Team Plasma, he never gave up on her and kept on looking for Purrloin.

    I picked Eevee as one of my partners because 1) He's super cute <3 and 2) He can evolve into 7 different forms. I picked Heracross because he's just plain epic. I mean, who doesn't like giant, powerful bugs with horns on their heads?
    Welcome to the club! But one of your Pokemon has to be from your chosen rival. You will need to refer to the "Rivals" section again to check which other Pokemon that you have permission to get (Note that all Pre-Evolutions.

    Originally Posted by Wateria View Post
    I would like join this club please

    your username: Wateria
    your rival: May
    Partner pokemon: Aqua the Oshawott and Birdie the Fearow
    why do you like rivals: They always catch you off guard and they are always tough to beat

    why did you choose your pokemon, and why did you choose your Rival

    I choose the pokemon because Oshawott is my favourite water pokemon and I always found Fearow an intesting pokemon.

    I choose May as my Rival because she is the first one you can choose your Rival's gender and I prefer her over Brendan.

    thank you for letting me join.
    Welcome to the club! But, one of your Pokemon has to be from the rival you chose. Sorry. You will need to refer to the "Rivals" section again to check which other Pokemon that you have permission to get.

    Why did you choose your Pokemon, and why did you choose your Rival?

    As for me, I had chosen Blue because he had always been there plus he is the most confident one in my opinion. Also he probably had the biggest story any rival can offer.

    • Blue and Red were rivals since they were babies, according to Proffesor Oak.
    • He had claimed to have caught over 40 Pokemon.
    • His Raticate's status became unknown.
    • Blue was a Former Champion.
    • Blue is currently a Gym Leader.
    • Blue is one of the few rivals to go to the Pokemon World Tournament.

    I chose Arcanine because it is one of my favourite Pokemon, and it is also is very strong. Also it's design is awesome.

    I chose Snivy because it's Evolutionary Line are the only Grass-Types I like, and they DO have great Move-Pools. Also it's Evolutionary Line has great designs, and it's just the coolest Grass Starter in my opinion.

    Originally Posted by Aryan143
    Your Username: Aryan143
    Your Rival: Blue
    Partner Pokemon: Charizard and Pidgey
    Why do you like Rivals?: They are our rivals. They own pokemon powerful to us. They pose a great challenge to us.

    Answering the topic:

    As for the pokemon, when I choosed Bulbasuar in Leafgreen, my rival had a great Charizard and an annoying Pidgeot. It took me atleast 5 tries on the last 2 rival battles to beat him because of Pidgeot and Charizard. Then I came to know the usefulness of those two. Although Pidgeot was much weaker than Charizard, it was a great addition to my team.

    As for Blue, It gives you a lot of variety of Pokemon to choose and his levels are much higher than the rivals in the other games before Elite-4. He is a champion too. He is also a great Gym Leader. He is the only Rival to be Champion or Gym Leader except Cheren. At last, I want to say that Blue is the best Rival.
    Welcome to the Club. Hope you have a good time!

    Charizard, in my opinion, is a VERY underrated (I'm serious) Pokemon and many people underestimate it due to it's double Rock weakness. But they seem to forget that Charizard is immune to the powerful Ground, and it wields a very good Move-Pool. Just because it doesn't have that good of an Attack Statistic doesn't mean it is a bad Pokemon! It's got a great Speed Statistic and a Special Attack Statistic, so no messing with Charizard.

    Try not to forget that only one Pokemon's Kind needs to be owned by a Rival, so technically you already have infinite variety unless they are both not from your rival.

    RFC Shop Announcement:

    I've introduced 4 more items to the RFC Shop.

    Razer Claw (Normal - Costs 40 RFCC): Evolves a kind of Pokemon when paired with Rare Candy.
    Devolvizer (Normal - Costs 10 RFCC): Devolves a Pokemon to it's previous stage. Useful for getting other forms for Fully-Evolved Pokemon.
    Rare Candy (Normal - Costs 20 RFCC): Has a 30% chance of evolving a Pokemon (Rare Candies cannot evolve Pokemon that require Stones or Friendship EXCEPT Razer Claw).
    Mystery Ball (Better - Costs 115 RFCC): Has a 80% chance of catching ANY Pokemon.

    Also, a little bit more information on Xvolutionizer and Duo-Volutionizer.

    Xvolutionizer cannot evolve Pokemon that require Stones or other Items to evolve. They can only evolve Pokemon who evolve through level.

    Duo-Volutionizer can only work on Pokemon who have Three-Stage Evolutionary Families. It will also only work if the Pokemon that is needed for it is completely Un-Evolved. It also cannot work if the final Evolution is obtained by Friendship or Items. But it will completely bypass the First Evolution requirements, regardless of what it is.

    I'll be updating the first post with everything.