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Originally Posted by Spyrover View Post
Hi there, I'm interested in your shiny Suicune. I don't really have much to offer except a Modest Shiny Kyurem (Untouched) and a Jolly Ditto with Flawless IVs (31/31/31/31/31/31). Interested?
Ooh, a Modest Shiny Kyurem! Of course I'd be interested. Well, I haven't gotten it Poke Transfer'd yet, so you have to wait for that thing to happen. I'll take the Kyurem. For sure, is it legit?
Originally Posted by Aaron40 View Post
How you going mate, I'm trying to fill up my pokedex and i'm wondering if you have the following pokemon, Magmortar, Electivire, Arcanine, Crobat, Steelix. I have more but I don't want to ask for too much.
I only need to do a trade back with them so you won't be losing anything.
Sorry, I actually haven't gotten those things at all yet...I'm not focusing on the Pokedex as of now...I'm focusing on in-game stuff. But Magmortar + Electivire...I'll let you borrow them once I Poke Transfer them.
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