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Originally Posted by or19937 View Post
Thanks, but do I hack them in or do I, for example, start with cyndaquil(which will later become a Typhlosion), and catch the others in the wild legally throughout the game?

What I did was hacking Typhlosion as my starter, and after getting my Pokedex and five Pokeballs, I just Gameshark'ed the other five into the first route. Is it acceptable? Would be a ***** to obtain Sneasel and Corsola if it isn't.

But anyway, I wanna sign up again, now that I know that I can evolve NFE Pokemon. It's much more fun raising them from the first form.

Here we go again:

Name: or19937
Game: Crystal
Number of Pokemon: 6
Restrictions: Do not exclude NFE, and no Normal types.
Dex: Johto.
You can hack in to the game, pokemon that are part of your team, may it be in the wild or as a starter.

Here's your new Team.