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"The next level!"
Author: Final Destination
ROM Base: Po
émon FireRed (U)
Hack Version: v1.2 - Up to Cerulean's Rocket Event (2 badges!) See below for what you can do in this version

Hey. I'm Final Destination, creator of Pokémon Ruby Ultra, but due to real life issues, I had to abandon it. But I'm back, and I'm here with a new entry into the Ultra series, and this time it's Pokémon Fire Red Ultra.

This aims to let you catch all 386 Pokémon without trading, and has a higher difficulty. I'm not just talking about levels, I mean I'm talking about higher AI for important trainers. For example, Brock's Pokémon had a whopping 0 AI points. I gave them 50 AI points

I've also changed a few things around, nothing TOO plot breaking or anything that'll warrant it going into Progressing Hacks D: So without further ado, here are the features!

~ Catch all 386 Pokémon from within the comfort of your own ROM!
~ Nothing's easy anymore. Even if you might be OP in the original game, here, sometimes level doesn't matter. Some trainers now have higher AI which lets them utilize strategies better.
~ New areas, later in the game for the Legendary Pokémon (Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latios, Latias)
~ Scattered around Kanto are merchants that will sell you rare items like the event tickets
~ Rematch the gym leaders
~ Some moveset and evolution changes
~ Use the Move Tutors - Infinitely!
~ The FireRed decap and the FireRed DP font patches were applied, along with a few bugfixes.

These screenshots were taken around Cerulean.

Beta Information for: v1.2
~ Get Running Shoes at Viridian for $500
~ Obtain Boulderbadge
~ Get National Pokédex at Pewter
~ Get Fossil at Mt. Moon
~ Get a Charmander (free)
~ Obtain Cascadebadge
~ Get a Bulbasaur (free)
~ Get the S.S. Ticket from Bill
Anything past getting the S.S. Ticket from Bill is unedited. In the house that leads you to the Rocket, a guard blocks off the entrance to where the Rocket is. Listen to what he has to say, it's important.

Updates on Beta: v2.0 (so far)
"I'm going to wait for the reception I get and start on Beta v2.0. As a bonus, since after the game becomes a little ended after you get the second badge, HM Cut and Fly, this is the way I'll be editing everything (important!):
- Route 5
- Underground Path Saffron - Vermilion
- Route 6
- Vermillion 1
- S.S. Anne
- (Everyone that can be rematched with the VS. SEEKER at this point)
- Rod encounters up to Route 12 1
Vermillion Gym and Vermilion 2
- Route 11
- Diglett Cave
- Route 2 (again)
- Route 9
- Rock Tunnel 1
- Lavender Town 1
- Pokémon Tower 1
- Route 8
- Underground Tunnel Lavender - Celadon
- Route 7
- Celadon City 1
- Rocket Hideout
- Pokémon Tower 2
- Celadon Gym
- Route 12 1"

Bug List
Current Beta (v1.2):
None, post if you find any though. It's the reason why the beta is not 1.0 but 1.2.
Next Beta (v2.0): None, yet. The version number will go up if I find enough bugs to warrant such a change.

Attached is the .ZIP download for the .APS package and the .IPS package.
The .APS file is to be patched with A-Ptch, the .IPS one Lunar IPS.
These packages include
- The patches themselves
- A .rtf on General Pokémon Changes
- A .rtf on Important Battles (Gym Leaders, Giovanni, E4, etc.)
- A .rtf on Wild Pokémon Locations

Thanks to:
~Wichu (FR Decap patch)
~diegoisawesome (DP font patch)
~HackMew (A-Trainer, FSF, XSE, A-Ptch, Oveworld Editor RE)
~LU-HO (A-Map!!!)
~Gamer2020 (PGE and its internal tools)
~Dartharon (Poke Edit Pro and it's Attack Table editing function)
~agentgeo (Misc Editor)

Tools used

  • A-Trainer,
  • FSF,
  • XSE,
  • A-Ptch,
  • Oveworld Editor RE
  • A-Map
  • Poke Edit Pro
  • Pokemon Game Editor
  • In the near future probably: HxD Hex Editor
  • Misc. Editor


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