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    Originally Posted by Wildefox View Post
    You can hack in to the game, pokemon that are part of your team, may it be in the wild or as a starter.

    Here's your new Team.

    Thanks :3

    HELLYES! I GOT A [email protected][email protected]%^$%&*^
    I approve the new team.

    Update #1 - Sprout Tower and Falkner

    So I got to Violet City, where I beat the Sprout Tower, got HM05, and defeated Falkner.
    I also did a little training.
    Kakuna evolved.
    Nothing interesting, really.

    Here's a tiny screeny from the Gym:


    Legend, lvl 12
    Herp, lvl 10
    Anon, lvl 11
    Drillbug, lvl 10
    Zyx, lvl 11
    Beenith, lvl 9

    Update #2 - Rival battle and Bugsy. Oh, and there were also Rockets.

    Azalea town.
    First Team Rocket encounter.

    Rival = Owned:

    And Bugsy... Oh, Bugsy:


    Herp, lvl 15
    Zyx, lvl 16
    Legend, lvl 13
    Anon, still lvl 11 ^^''
    Drillbug, lvl 14
    Beenith, lvl 16

    Update #3 - God damn Miltank & "Squirting stuff on wierd trees for dummies"

    Goldenrod, the city with the most annoying gym leader in the game. I had to challenge her twice =_=''
    I failed miserably on the first try, so I grinded the ass off of my team, then managed to beat her somewhat easily.

    "Beenith, my Diglett, using Dig. This move won the battle. And thank god for that."

    I then proceeded towards getting the Squirtbottle and getting Sudowoodo out of the way.
    Wierdly enough, I managed to take it down pretty easily, using only Drillbug's Twineedle.


    Drillbug, lvl 21
    Anon, lvl 20
    Legend, lvl 20...
    Beenith, lvl 20...........
    Herp, lvl freaking 20!!!!!!!!
    Zyx, lvl 22