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Originally Posted by dolph462 View Post
Hello I would like a dwf phanpy and I have a dwf shuckle for trade. You have it highlighted in black and it isn't on the legend so I don't know if you want it or not. I also have a UT Jolly Cobalion if you are interested in it.

My pokemon FC is 1507-3567-7835
Black means I have it. So I have Shuckle. I am interested in the Jolly Cobalion. I'll pm you when the phanpy is ready.

Originally Posted by ~RNC~ View Post
Is your DW eevee and poliwag male or female please??
My eevees and poliwags are female. I can breed males if you want them, I'm just not sure why you would.

EDIT: Updated the first post with a bigger dream world list and more wishlists
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