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    Cheren should have been at least in the E4
    I love Roxie
    I love Marlon, I love his personality and his gym.

    Team wise
    Cheren having Lillipup and Patrat sickens me as that's the same team as the other two trainers. The addition of Pidove is tolerable

    Roxie having Koffing and Whirlipede is fine. I love them both. The addition of Grimer is lovely and I say blah to the people who think it should be Trubbish.

    Marlon I'm saddened by. Wailord doesn't seem last gymish, and Mantine as the added Pokemon is horrid. I really would prefer seeing Starmie and Vaporeon used instead.

    Time outside gym is lovely. They all get it, especially Cheren and I'm glad because of that.