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    Hi, I'm Icy Burn, just a guy who is crazy in love with White Kyurem, and I have no idea why. I fused together Reshiram and Kyurem this morning, and it was love at first sight. I'm not actually using him in my team - only a Fly slave - because using legendaries on your team is a noob move.

    Well, that was an off topic, definitely not an introduction paragraph to an introduction thread ...

    I thought this place looked like a nice community, so here I am, typing this right now, for all you people to see and probably laugh at. Yeah ... I just come here to make new friends, hopefully get a bit of trading up and running, learn more and more about Pokemon and most of all, have a hell of a good time! :3

    I'd be happy to chat with and/or be friends with any of the community, but if you're Black Kyurem, I'm sorry, you can't be my friend, as White Kyurem is way more sexy and superior then his other Form.

    Well, that was off topic, again ...

    That's it, I guess. I wonder who has actually read all of this without dying of boredom, and whoever has done that, you win a cookie. :3

    - Icy Burn (buuuuurrrrrn).
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