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Originally Posted by Carter View Post
And I'm hoping we can spring a surprise, but that would be highly unlikely. Chelsea, Arsenal and Swansea have a great chance at this cup.

Added respect for your team during the matchup.
Not to be cocky, but we're still going to win. Hope it's a good match!

Heartbreak, every-time we went down after making it level. Nani's goal is one I must admire through, great movement and what a finish. Though, trumped by Hazard's final card for setting up Ramires & his own slick finish. Mata was clearly tired as the match had only begun...playing the whole 120 minutes & after he was denied the clear penalty, I felt for the guy. His the key to our team, our attack. His look..through most of the match made me worry. After all, when a person like Mata is treated unfairly, everything feels unjust. His freekick was inches off...inches.

Sturridge, ah Sturridge. Landed a couple of shockers last night, didn't he? Open goal...two players he could've passed to. Yet he still tried to curl it in...the keeper was beat. A pass was the only difference. Sturridge needs more time. However..his appearance has showed me how vital Torres can be for our midfield. Nice to see someone shoot though.

Moses + Ramires.
There is not enough I can possibly say about their performances.
But, given Mata's injury. Moses is probably starting tomorrow. He deserves it.

All about the Premier League tomorrow...
Wish any gunners here a good game against United. Win it.
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