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    "TrueStriker, I want you to practice this exercise while we explore. Picture a white room, with nothing in it. No color, no furniture, no people, nothing. Just a white room. It can be big or small, but it must be empty. It will take some time to perfect the image since your mind will naturally want to populate it with various images, but fight that instinct. It took me close to two months to get the exercise down, but as you get better with it you'll find yourself occupying the room with less and less images until it is completely empty and you will not only be able to focus on a empty room, but also on doing other tasks while you keep your defenses up."

    Hanso merely nodded at Penance's words, keeping them in mind as he kept track of their surroundings. It was a mild surprise when his senses became sharper, but the Zoroark explained that. Hanso moved on, going over what Penance said. An empty white room... He tried it out, bringing up a white room in his mind. As the Golduck said, it was naturally populated with several images, some of which came from what Hanso saw as the Gold Tribe walked deeper into the Catacombs. He tried shoving the images out, but some stayed, while others were replaced by thoughts of Gardevoirs. What? Hanso immediately got rid of those, but other thoughts came, now of Roswell and Dark Lightning.

    Seems like my worries multiplied when the Silver Tribe came, Hanso thought, replacing all images with views of the surrounding catacombs. He could confront those other problems later.

    With time, the Gold Tribe came to another room, larger than the one before, and Hanso's white room disappeared. "Woah..." Guardia said in a low voice out loud, the echo of the room carrying her voice a bit. No kidding. This was a new sight even for Hanso, who'd never felt a need before to come here. Books, scrolls, and other records filled his view as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. So much information...where do we st--

    Hanso whirled around, his right arm-blade springing out, as his ears caught rustling. Another Pokemon, so he assumed, whose features were hidden by shadows for the moment. Hanso's eyes narrowed as he saw the medallion. His thoughts went back to Eternity City, when he'd seen a different medallion being handed to Vigil. His eyes went back up to where he thought the figure's face was. "Welcome." The figure said softly to them. "I've been expecting you."

    The doors outside had shown no sign of passing before they'd come here today. "You seem to have been down here a long time," Hanso said, just loud enough for all present to hear.