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Hiya, Amanda! Welcome to PC, good to meet you. It's never too late to join a Pokemon forum, to be honest I only started participating in them in 2011 myself, haha. >u> So you're not alone!

Gen 1 is really good even now despite the older graphics. Have a favorite gen 1 Pokemon, by any chance? it Jigglypuff? xD; You should totally check out the Metal/Color Gen Games section, as it's where you can talk about the early generations, plus that section could use a little more love! A fan who is as dedicated to the early Pokemon as you are will surely settle in nicely there. :3

But no pressure, we wouldn't try to force you into playing any of the newer games here at all aha. All fans are appreciated here and we're just glad you decided to join up and get involved in the community! <3 So enjoy your stay and feel free to message me if you need any help at all.
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