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Banko & Corwas

The guy shot her a rather unsettling glare after that last comment. He spoke, and that irritation was remnant in his tone. "I don't steal for myself. They were intruding on my territory, so I had to deal with them. And I couldn't leave this Pokemon with people like that. Is that a good enough explanation for you??" He scoffed and simply paused to stare into the gem again, seeming to relax slightly as he did so.

"Oh..." Arla raised an eyebrow. He was really living in that forest? What a strange guy. A homeless guy. She maybe shouldn't take him home. But she would like to see him transform like that again and he seemed hungry so the logical way to make him show her what she wanted to see, seemed to be to feed him. "Well, I can give you something to eat here. Without you having to beat me for it!"

She flashed him a cocky smile and entered the villa, keeping the door open for him so he could enter after her. They came into a large hall with a staircase to the upper floor, a living room to the right, some other rooms with closed doors straight ahead and a kitchen to the left. Taking out both of her pokéballs, she sent out Banko the Spheal and Corwas the Seedot and told them to make themselves at home. They scuttled away to the living room to stare wide eyed at all the modern appliances.

Arla went into the kitchen, knowing that her parents weren't home at the moment. She started making some pancakes. He surely liked pancakes. Who didn't?

"By the way... what's your name?" she asked while she was working, checking to see if he was in her vicinity even. She had tried to act so confident while she started working in the kitchen that she hadn't really turned around to look.
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