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Just noticed I did the wrong topic! Apologies.
Gym leader team for water types.

Strong offensive power, Rough skin hurts!! (painful memories of Ruby)

Reasonable strength and powers, every gym leader has at least one weaker Pokemon to pad things out

Power!!! Don't tell me this thing doesn't frighten you if some trainer brings it out (If you don't lead with an electric type)

Crowning jewel of the team, wreck foes with psychic and water attacks

That would be the Gym Leader Team, assuming I was around Gym 5-6, if I was an elite 4 member (Or even rematch) that would be different and bring out the big guns.

@CourageHound I don't actually recall struggling with any Water Gym Leader much apart from Crusher Wake. What's his name in B&W2 was the last Gym Leader but I didn't have much of a problem with him. I don't think its where the leader is but what their teams are and how prepared you as the player are to take them down. I think Brock is actually a good example, everyone starting with Bulbasaur/Squirtle thought he was way too easy for 'the first boss' people with charmander disagreed. Exact same opponent but different levels of toughness for different players. It's true that the further on you play the more type coverage you're more likely to have but certain types will still breach your defences (My current W2 team has little against electric types) so its if you think that grass type will deal with water types you may find Dewgong or Pelipper an unpleasant surprise. If you bring an electric type neither of them prove too much of a problem. Same way Quagsire will ruin electric types but fall to grass.
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