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    Hello rom hackers ._.
    I probably won't make much after I finish my current big rom hacking project. It depends on if people actually like my work. I'm new to rom hacking, and I got dem basics of scripting down for the most part. With the right tutor, I could probably make some entertaining hacks for everyone to share Anyway heres a summary of my current project

    Story: A side story to the main adventure, you can play through the entire game and come back to pallet town to live the whole story at once if you want!

    Summary: Professor Oak, the pokemon researcher that we all know and love (and love to ignore) has been framed for murder! A strange spirit lurks around you as you play through the game, she is the victim of the murder. You're the hero, and oak is your buddy, help stop the police from putting Oak in Jail and catch the real criminal, and put a restless soul at peace in the process! It's time to save the day in more ways than one, especially if you're tired of the same old grind of Step 1: get badges Step 2: Battle elite four Step 3: beat game. Be wary though...not everything is as it seems.

    Progress: (will be updated when significant progress is made)
    Pallet Town: 100%
    Route 1: 100%
    Viridian City: No change I made that patch of weirdly placed trees (I'm sure you know the ones) kind of useful.
    Viridian Forest: 20%
    Everywhere Else: Not even started yet :/

    Help Needed:
    Spriters (just a few things, it's not a whole world changing process)
    music hacker/maker (again, just a few songs and help)
    Inserting New Trainer Sprites (both OW and in battle)
    Scripting Tutor (Pretty please? :3 )

    Tools Used
    Scripting: XSE
    Map/overworld editing: A-map (basic knowledge)

    Experience Level: In Between Noob and Beginner I'm a fast learner though. XD