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Originally Posted by RyuuZane View Post
Hello and welcome all
My name is ... whell to keep it simple just call me Ryuu,Zane or RyuuZane
So yeah Im new here but Im wery knoledgeable about pokemon and Im working on a
project. Its called PokeChess and so and so.
Pokemon figures will be played like chess figures
but when you have beaten the oponents figure it may or may not wish to join you :D

So thats enough for now,if you wish for more information tell and Ill reply
Oh and if you have a FB account I have a group and a site
if you have ideas lots of them add yourself to the group if you are a supporter then
like the page :D

hope it will all go well
best regards ZaneRyuu
Hi RyuuZane, welcome to PC. I might call you just Ryuu or Zane, how's that?

I see you've got a game project, I wish you good luck! I think you should check out Game Development and/or Emulation since they have loads of fangames and hacks you might want to check out. I'm not a regular in those sections but you might like them.

We're a fun active community, and have an amazing time here and VM me anytime!

- Hikari10
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