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    Username:Luna the Absol
    Skill:Music(have midi music creators)and map making(i do need tiles provided, i merely make amazing maps with tiles that don't usually go together)
    Hacking experience:I have had personal projects and currently finding people for Pokemon Dark Soul.
    Proof:You give me a challenge to make something. I have none of my personal stuff left cuz my mom cleared it from my computer.
    Time zone:Eastern standard (USA)
    Main contact style:email/pm
    I will try to make myself available for your roms as long as I can get the same for mine.
    idk how to make cool ones everyone has.
    Please support pokemon: dark soul and please
    if you can script, sprite, or design, we need you.
    And if you could make a cool looking signature band would be good too
    like this one

    please support us
    by making our first support band