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Hi Icy Burn,hope your enjoying PC so far :D! Your intro was one of the coolest things I've ever seen :3, you get wait...*thinks deeply* unlimited cookies for a year for it n_n. I personally love White Kyurem it's design is so sleek and cool, the moves powerful and deadly...impossible to not adore this thing :D. Even though it's a legendary,I might consider putting it on my team just because of my passionate love for it.Except,wait no I've got Black 2 D:.

I'm Rainbow by the way the three main Pokemon I'm addicted to:Arcanine,Altaria and Gulpin. I just want to hug them all :D.It'd be awesome to know you more,so maybe come up for a chat? I'm pretty much on 24/7 well slight exaggeration but nevertheless.

Anyway,I'm sure you'll find PC a friendly and warm place. Hope you'll have fun here,because that's the most important part :3!
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