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Offers for the Swampert level 100:

OT: SPR2012
Wi-fi Gift l Relaxed l lvl 100
Ability: Turboblaze
Blue Flare l Fusion Flare l Mist l Draco Meteor

level 100 l Adamant
Wi-fi Gift l OT: SPR2012
Ability: Teravolt
Bolt Strike l Fusion Bolt l Haze l Outrage

Japanese level 100 Pikachu event
Volt Tackle l Thunder l Grass Knot l Quick Attack
Item: Light Ball

(I have more offers, but this ones are a lot better I think.)
I have a lot level 100s too, I can offer some of them (, most I want to keep for battles)

FriendCode: 3139-3194-4225
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