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at home with Dusk

"My name...?" It was odd, but he seemed to be thinking about this question. "... Dusk. My name is Dusk."

"Dusk? Haha, that's an odd name! But pretty decent, I guess. My name is even more odd so maybe I shouldn't be the one to talk. I'm Arla. It means morning, so I guess our names are opposites!"

Dusk's nose crinkled slightly and he sniffed the air a few times. "What are you making...? It smells... Odd."

Arla put some of the ready pancakes on a plate with a content smile and fetched some syrup and cream from the fridge. She completed the meal and set the plate down on a table together with some juice in a glass. "Here you go!" she said. "They are pancakes. You've had pancakes before... right? It's the best thing there is, at least if you don't make them too sugary."

Banko the Spheal came rolling into the kitchen and Corwas the Seedot came rolling after him. They were apparently playing some game of rolling race and the ice pokémon was winning, much to Corwas' chagrin. Arla reckoned that they should leave home soon and continue their journey. She would just help herself to a serving of pancakes too, first!

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