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    At getting no answer, Drake sighed and turned to walk back towards his Salamance. Whatever was going on, he was certain they could sort it out. Oh well.

    "Come on Zeal..." he said softly, petting the dragon, who huffed, as always. Which made Drake laugh, because he knew Zeal liked the attention, he was simply acting tough. He began walking back towards his daycare center, wondering if he should perhaps get more training. Maris and Axy could certainly use it. As could he if he ever wanted to go one on one with Lance or Asha again. Asha... He had heard she was a teacher her, but had been avoiding her on purpose. And Valorie... He wasn't quite sure where she had gone off to, but he knew she would come and find him once she learned he had returned. He stopped as he saw a girl, a student no doubt, heading towards the academy.

    "Hello." he said goodnaturedly, Zeal stretching out his wings and growling softly. "Oh hush you." Drake said, eying the salamance with a bored look on his face.

    Nova the Arcanine, Trainer: Brian
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    Volt the Manectric, Guardian of the Powerplant, his mate, and his kittens. (Is an obscure reference no one but Fuyu and I and possibly Yellow will ever get.)

    Nova growled and circled the manectric, who was growling deeply.

    "Leave... And I promise I won't kill you." the manectric said. Nova chuckled and shook his head. He couldn't leave now! He just got here!

    "Sorry, not gonna happen. I came looking for someone tough, and I found you." Nova said, then he shook his mane. "Besides, you hurt Vulpix. I don't let anyone hurt my pack."

    "You don't have a pack you idiot! You have ONE kit. That's no pack, so shut up!" the manectric cried, blasting a Thunderbolt at him. He rowled as it hit him, blasting a blazing Flame Burst, which exploded when it hit him. He charged at the dazed Manectric, who roared with anger and charged back, slamming into the larger canine, who shrugged it off yet again. Nova realized he would never be able to match this guy's speed, so he settled for a heavy hitting approach, and charged again, growling slightly at his opponent.
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