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    I'm new to this forum and just downloaded ur game, so i thought i should say what problems i found out in the first few minutes off the game.
    I know that u guys allready got beta testers and that u maybe know about all off the problems i'm about to say, but maybe there is something u have missed so i will say what i found.

    1: When you start a new game, if u pick a gender u can't go back to change it without resetting the game, well i not find a way to do it. If there is a way you need it to be more clear for a new player.

    2: Screen size is way to small, only 240x160 and 480x320 are working correctly. With 320x240 and 640x480 the game screen is still small but you get a weird frame around it. Well i think that i would be best if you can change the screen size manually.

    3: In options, frame 1 and 2 are the same, don't know if something is wrong on my end or this is something overlooked.

    4: The keysetup feels wrong, back and start key on the same button feels wrong.

    5: F1 menu, i found out about this one when i was looking through some comments on this page, you need to tell the gamer about this one in game.

    6: The small stairs in the game lower your speed when you run on them and look you in place, if u have played Zelda a link to the past and think about the stairs that freezes time when you walk on them u will know what i mean.

    7: The battles are really slow, don't know if that is a case of some kind off lag or not but it don't feel like lag.

    8: In battles the 1/4 of the upper screen is wasted, nothing is there and it feels wrong. I don't know if it's like that on purpose or not.

    9: No attack animations, every attack pretty much got the same. (Well u should know about this one)

    10: Weather is not showing in battle

    11: When i look at my pokemons, my starter Shin got the symbole of Unown.

    12: When you go into the detail of a pokemon (summary) the detail frame is not fitting the screen, it's to small and some text is going beyond the frame.

    13: Moving around in the PDA is with up and down arrow, feels wrong and i thought that something was wrong with my right arrow at first.

    14: The "Navigator" in the PDA starts at upper right corner and no indication on were you are on the map.

    15: Pressing "Awards" when you get the PDA just exits the PDA and is not working.

    16: I don't know what "Frame Checker" is suppose to do in the PDA but it's just exits the PDA, another thing is when you exits the PDA the "Frame Checker" button is still brtight when everything else is fading away.

    17: The "Trainer Info" page in the PDA is fading away after 2 sec.

    Well as i said, you probably allready know about all of this but i just feelt like telling u about it.
    If u guys want me to continue with this checking just say it here.
    One last thing, english is not my fisrt language so don't mind any misspellings or things like that, thank you.

    Well that was everything!

    Take care!