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Yeah, I don't think it's gonna end at all because I... see no reason for it to end, really. I've not looked all that much into theories behind it and explanations and stuff but given that it was predicted by people with a far lesser understanding of how stuff works than we have today, I don't see much reason to believe it at all. Yes I think the world will end at some time, but I don't know when or how, and I don't really think anyone can say for sure.

Fixing the thread title btw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
I hate to sit on your religion, but is God really a person? Surely his omnipotence would inspire a more extravagant form. Like a dragon, or a planet.
I know if anyone could really say, and regardless, that's a whoooooole other tangent we're probably best staying off of in this discussion. d: