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Well, I pretty much played through the games with my friends, so we were more people out looking for things, so pretty much discovered all of them on my first playthrough. Shoal Cave and Sky Pillar weren't really hard to find, as they weren't really hidden as well as the Regi's were, and they were easy to discover when you loved exploring the games. Only the Sky Pillar really got me interested though, especially since there was a legendary located there, and I remember everyone at one point wanted me to help them through the tower, because they couldn't control the bike lol.

But the Regi caves were really well hidden. Not enough with that it was in Braille, which I at first had no clue how to decipher untill I checked through my guide, it was also translated to English through the Braille, which I didn't understand anyways, so without anyone to translate, it took me quite a while before I finally got to open up for the cave where you open up for the Regi's, and then came the whole hunt for the specific Pokemon, before i finally got to open the Regi caves. But in the end it was all worth it, and I agree that this is definitely the way legendaries should be hidden. Maybe not with the constant use of Braille, but just some kind of more subtle clues and such to make the puzzles harder and such.
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