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    Originally Posted by y0r124 View Post
    Yes Some support for you .
    And hope next beta will be more Epic than beta 3.1
    The further the next version goes, the more interesting it gets!
    If I ended up releasing a version (poll above) which had the smallest amount of gameplay in it, that wouldn't turn out that epic yet as the storyline will start to play a bigger role in the game later but still...

    Originally Posted by Autophobic View Post
    This hack is really unique and fun. It's kept me pretty occupied, I'm at the third gym right now and I'm having a blast. Good job!
    Thank you

    One thing I've been "worried" of is the fact that the beginning of the hack isn't as unique compared to how it continues as I was still learning scripting at that time, and didn't plan everything out that well yet. Good to hear people aren't bored of it any way though. I know it's way different from Silver but I want also those, who aren't looking for a "travel from town to town" quest, not end up quitting in the beginning.

    Thanks for the feedback and also reminding you to go to vote in the poll above!
    Looks like I'll end up releasing the beta related to option 3 but we'll see.

    It's nothing major but would you like to see BW2's repel system ported into this hack? I hadn't heard about new repel feature of those games before until I read the newly posted tutorial by Dartharon about it. But this shouldn't be difficult to implement at all.
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