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Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
I don't believe it personally. As I Christian I believe that only God is the person who truly knows, but that's just my beliefs. And also when you add in all the other factors, it's just the end of their calender, not the end of the world. Any incidents that they "predicted" (If I heard right , according to the Mayans claimed to predict major disasters such as 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina and I think the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan) are merely coincidental.
I don't believe the 2012 disaster in the slightest, and can't wait to see all the commotion on the internet on the 22nd, but surely if they actually did predict all those things, it wouldn't just be a coincidence. Think of how many days they could have supposedly predicted that such disasters would happen, yet getting so many right. Just doesn't really sound plausible in the slightest.

But yeah, I don't believe in their predictions, neither do I believe in this rumour.
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