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    Originally Posted by Spyrover View Post
    Well that depends on your definition of legit, I RNG'd it. I know some people don't like that kind of stuff, but is it a problem? One thing I should clear up is that it's IVs are NOT flawless. I've not actually checked them yet, but I'll post later once I find them out.

    EDIT: Found the Kyurem's IVs (08/20/23/25/00/02) Not great, but not the worst IVs out there :/
    I'm fine with RNG -- I once wasn't, but I've calmed myself down on the issue of RNG. I also RNG abuse, we can call this a deal.
    Originally Posted by flyer128 View Post
    Hey there!
    Gen 4

    Interested in:
    Fal2010 Mew
    Surf Pikachu (PKTOPIA) <- What's the Characteristic?

    Other Events, Any in particular?
    Characteristic...I don't know. Is there any particular reason as to why you wanna know? For sure, here's a Pokecheck screenshot if you really wanna know about its statistics...But I can't find it yet...apparently Pokecheck wants to go Bang! Bang! Bang! on my face. I can't connect.
    My only particular events are simply...Foreign. Real-Life. Anything before the FAL2010 Mew. Those events are the ones I'm gunning for.
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