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    I started to watch the series as soon as it came out :D I'm always interested in Sports anime, and while reading the ltest chapter ( at the time ) of New Prince of Tennis, Kuroko no Basuke popped up, and I just went for it. At the the time, they were only at the first match of Touou vs Seirin, so I started pretty early on. The anime made me love it all the more :P

    I adore Kuroko. I think he's so unique for a main character of a show. My favorite characters would have to be... *ponders* Definately Kuroko, Aomine, Akashi, Izuki, Kasamatsu & Takao xD You'll notice I enjoy the point guards xD That was the position I played, along with center, back in middle school and early high school years.

    Then there are my crack pairings, which my friends have no idea how they came about. TakaKuro, AoKuro (not really crack, but they're my OTP), AkaKuro, KasaKuro, IzuKuro.... yeah xD Everyone x Kuro in general, but the one mentioned above are my favorites. c:

    I was going to a Halloween party yesterday, but i found out last minute it was cancelled, and I was all saddened, because I was dressing up as Midorima, haha. I have the uniform, the green wig, the bandages, the lucky item ( I was going with the frog ), a basketball, and I was going to use my own glasses since they match his xD I was really saddened though xD
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