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    Hello! Well, I'd like to propose a little thing for you. I'm gonna RNG abuse some legendary Pokemon, and they are the ones that you want. I'd say that you have Gen V, right? The legendary Pokemon will be there too. I'd say that these are the ones that I will RNG abuse.

    Bold or Calm Cresselia
    Timid Shiny Latios
    Jolly Terrakion
    Adamant or Jolly Zekrom

    These will all be shiny, FYI. I am also gonna have some other RNG abuses, but maybe we can talk about those later? For sure, all Black 2 Legendary Pokemon are gonna get RNG abused. But don't take this as a permanent deal, I'm just saying that I might just do these. I'm delayed by the lack of Chatot. xD These are what I want...

    Ponyta (Lv. 31 UT) – Bashful, Male, Run Away
    Skorupi (Lv. 8 Touched) – Modest, Female, Sniper
    Trapinch (Lv. 1 UT) – Jolly, Female, Arena Trap (Credit to RDC)
    Wobbuffet (Lv. 55 UT) – Brave, Female, Shadow Tag

    Linoone (Lv. 30 UT) – Careful
    Loudred (Lv. 40 UT) – Quiet
    Oddish (Lv. 28 UT) – Mild

    Well, there are three extra Pokemon from maybe you can ask me for some other Shiny Legendary in B2? Maybe Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit? Because I'll RNG abuse those too. Thanks and keep this in mind...this isn't permanent, I'm just giving you an option for trading...because the project might end in a bitter way.
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