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    James “Jay” Rybak

    Ethan was shaking his badge case in front of me and Orange.I thought about my badge case for a bit. I actually haven’t challenged any of the gym leaders yet. I was badge-less, but that did not prevent my honestly showing my badge case. I took out my badge case from my messenger bag, and opened the case wide open in front of the other two trainers. There was nothing in the case except for dust.

    I told Orange and Ethan,” I currently do not have any badges yet. I am not interested in challenging gym leaders, and I have never really battled other trainers that often. I just like to travel around the parts of Johto that I could reach to. My dream is to become one of the greatest artists,scientists, and perhaps an athlete. I mainly observed Pokemon to try to identify their biology, and to sketch the Pokemon onto my sketch book.”

    "Well, guess who! Mind if I join you for a bit?”

    I turned around to see Professor Yew and his Gardevoir, Tetra, who both I last saw while traveling on the road to Oak Town. The professor waved at me, Ethan, and Orange. I meekly waved back to the professor. I remembered that I forgot to finish my conversation with the professor. I hate it when I forget my manners. I was nervous. What if I sounded rude to the professor? What if my manners upset the professor? Oh dear. I took a deep breath to try to relieve myself. The professor sat at an empty chair at my table, and Tetra pulled up another chair to the table. Professor Yew ordered two Oran salads, and he asked my group, "Alright. What do you guys know about mythology?"

    I decided to respond with,” Well, I’m not an expert at mythology.I just know the basics. Such as Arceus is our God, Palkia controls space, and Dialga controls time. I guess mythology would be an interesting class to take,but I haven’t gotten my schedule yet. I am still new to the Pokemon Trainer Academy. I also would like to apologize for the incident back then when I was travelling to Oak Town. I forgot to finish our conversation. Sorry.”

    A noise could be heard from one of the Pokeballs in my pocket. I looked around to see my Starly in front of my Pidgey, with his wings spread out. Oh shoot, Nalafari, my Starly, has found his way out of his Pokeball. Oh sweet Arceus, the Pokemon might get into a fight, cause trouble, and my group might get kicked out of the restaurant. Ethan’s Quilava was blowing a puff of smoke towards my two Pokemon. I sensed people starting to look towards my two Pokemon and the Quilava. Emil, my Swablu was shivering and clutched tight to my shirt, and Emil’s eyes were closed with tears brimming. I knew that I had to do something before my Pokemon get into a fight and chaos erupts. Oh god no, oh no, just no, Nalafari was beginning to charge with a Brave Bird at the Quilava.

    I shouted to Ethan,”Ethan! Please put your Quilava back in his Pokeball! Our Pokemon are about to fight! Please!” I took out Samuel and Nalafari’s Pokeballs, and opened them. The red lights from the Pokeballs came out and headed straight for Samuel and Nalafari. One of the lights engulfs Samuel, and takes him back into his Pokeball. Hopefully, the other Pokeball light reaches Nalafari before a fight starts.

    ((I’ll add Nalafari, Samuel, or Emil’s point of view later.))
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