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Well, al lot has happened these last couple of days. I defeated Skyla pretty recently, but right now I am in the Hidden Grotto in Route 7 attempting to SR for a Jolly Cubchoo (I got lucky there - it's a male, but that is still pretty uncommon to find in that Grotto). I'll probably end up switching my team around a bit for his sake.

And in other news, I spotted my first shiny in Reversal Mountain while double battling with was a Woobat, but Bianca decided to faint it.

Kieran the male Cubchoo (Jolly, Lv. 30 - he'll probably replace Missy)

Roman the male Ducklett (Modest, Lv. 40)

Isis the female Vibrava (Jolly, Lv. 41)

Wilhelm the male Serperior (Modest, Lv. 41)

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