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Imo, the 5th gen starters aren't all that great.
I've played through White like 3/4 times and I've used each starter. I just got White 2 and I kinda feel like ditching my Oshawott. I don't want to use a Fire/Fighting starter for the umpteenth time and I do like Snivy but I find Serperior ugly lol. I only pretty much like Samurott but it's getting boring I guess especially since you have the previous gen pokemon to replace them. Heck, I might just trade one of the previous gen starters over :p

Like instead of Samurott, I could be using Vaporeon, Lapras or Starmie.
Is anyone here gonna ditch their starter now that you can get previous gen Pokemon pre-E4? I feel like doing it but I feel pretty bad since.. well.. it's your starter.
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