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    Um I don't know if you know this, but an easy way to do a follow me script is

    *the start of your script*
    playsong 0x *follow me or follow me alt offset* 0x0
    applymovement 0x person number @movement1
    applymovement 0x FF (player) @movement2
    wait movement 0x person number
    fadedefault(This just makes it fade to the default song of the map you're on)
    *the rest of the script*

    I have done this and it works, you just copy the movement data from the person the player is following, paste it, and rename the pointer to the movement data of the player.

    I don't know how well it works the other way around, but it should work just the same.(Just do a script event instead of a person event and swap the player movement with the person movement in the main script) I have a working script of that if anyone wants to see it.
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