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    Name - Clarice. Why? Because I was watching the movie Hannibal at the time and I wasn't gonna be naming her Hilda anytime soon.

    Rival Name - Paul. Why? Because it sounded more fitting than Hugh imho and again because I was watching Hannibal at the time. I know I'm lazy but what else is new honestly lol.

    Team -

    Emboar - My first ever female starter named Rynya because I thought it would be cute for a Tepig at the time.

    Ampharos - Named this one Zionga because that's the name for a lightning spell in Shin Megami Tensei and I was too lazy to think of anything original.

    Unfezant - Called this teammate DePazzi because again I thought it would be fitting and yet again I was too lazy to think of anything original.

    Genesect - Couldn't give a nickname to this one sadly but regardless it was still a wrecking ball.

    Walrein - Named this one Yusuf, short for Yusuf Amir from GTA - The Ballad Of Gay Tony. Why, because I loved Yusuf Amir and I love Walrein so I might as well but 2 and 2 together.

    Krookodile - By the end of the day his new name was Brucie, short for Brucie Kibbutz from GTA 4, pretty much the same reason I had when naming Walrein Yusuf.

    Well there ya go. This was on Black 2 btw.
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