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Originally Posted by Gold011 View Post
good for you, i don't want to sound like i bested you, but i did beat roxie on challenge mode too, but my team was:
Servine lvl 22
Lucario lvl 21
Kirlia lvl 20
Luxio lvl 20
and the only one capable of taking on roxie pokemon was fainted in the middle of the battle (kirlia), even she did used toxic spikes i still won : D
she not actually that hard(yes im on challenge mode), its much easier if you take a flying type with as well to avoid the spikes, just did it with a
lvl 19 Servine(spammed dragon rage suicide on as many of her pokemon as possible)
lvl 19 Lucario(poison immunity ftw)
lvl 19 Pigeotto(immune to toxic spikes and half her team is weak to flying)
lvl 18 Pikachu(luxury ball + soothe bell made that easy , mainly used it to confuse and thunderwave the annoying ones)
lvl 17 growlithe(took advantage of its intimidate and for some reason when i sent that out the enemies always tried to poison it so i just switched out to lucario to get a near gauranteed free turn)
i recommend a flying type and the growlithe->lucario trick(for the free intimidate) if anyone is really struggling with that fight
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