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1 rachet Type: NORMAL Badge: NORLIZED BAGDE tm: Crush claw

ditto LV 12 Zangoose LV 16(partner)

2 Ria Type: poison Badge: POILIZID BADGE tm: Poison tail

grimer lv 18 Seviper lv 22(partner)

3 ACE Type: ICE Badge: COLD BADGE tm: Ice beam

snover lv 21 snorunt lv 24 sneasel LV 27(partner)

4 ryo Type: fight Badge AURA BADGE tm: Focus blast

Machop lv 29 gurdurr LV 30 Lucario LV 33(partner)

5 KEN Type: PSYCHIC Badge: KIRL BADGE tm: Psychic

KADABRA LV 30 Gallade LV 35 GARDEVOIR LV 35(partner)

6 SPENCER Type: GHOST Badge: AFRAID BADGE tm: Shadow Ball

Shuppet LV 31 Duskull LV 32 Haunter LV 33 Mismagius LV 37(partner)

7 CHAD Type: GROUND Badge: STARTER BADGE tm: Eathquake

swampurt LV 36 Torterra LV 38 golem LV 40(partner)

8 WEATE Type: WATER Badge: TYROS BADGE tm: Water pulse

VAPOREON LV 39 octillery LV 41 Floatzel LV 46 Seismitoad lv 47 LUDICOLO LV 50(partner)

Elite four


Scizor 54 steelix 54 jolteon 54 Aggron 56 Metagross 56 ANIME JOLTEON METAGROSS AGGRON metleon STEELIX


Mightyena 56 Shiftry 56 Skuntank 56 Dusknoir 57 WEAVILE 58


Raichu 58 Manetric 58 Probopass 58 Magnezone 60 Electrive 61


Flareon 60 Houndoom 60 Medicham 60 Magmortar 61 Infernape 64


Gyarados 62 Flygon 63 Altaria 64 Haxorus 65 Garchomp 66 Salamence 67

As you see every Elite four member and the champion have a pokemon that isn't from their representive type.
And the elite four used to be Gym leaders and all Gym leaders and Elite four strike to be the champion. And every year a tournament is held to see who get's the positions.
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