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    I see an opening in the suicune dorm...*Runs off to write SU, will edit this post when done.*

    Edit: Here it is~!

    Name: Alex Wong

    Nickname: None

    Age (10-15): 14

    Sex (Male or Female): Male

    Dorm: Suicune

    Appearance: This picture is from a different RP altogether (Yu-gi-oh) But just imagine it, minus the katana, black colored jacked instead of yellow and duel spirit and you have my character. ; Apologies if it causes any inconvenience, but it is the only picture I have.

    Personality: Alex is generally happy and always seen with a smile unless things are serious, but he is really shy around girls and rarely speaks when one is near to him or talking to him. He absolutely loves pokemon, either raising, training or battling with them. Asides from his interests in pokemon he also likes kendo very much and enjoys practising it when he can in his free time (when he can). His other hobbies include, Cooking. Racing and battling of course. His favourite thing to do is to just have fun with his pokemon, especially with his Rhyhorn which he's been with ever since he was a young boy...

    History: Alex grew up with his parents in the kanto region having moved from Hoenn region when he was only a baby. He lived a quiet life and never really knew much about pokemon in general until he was around age 7 when he encountered a wounded Rhyhorn in the wild which was presumably injured in a battle with another Rhyhorn due to the marks it had when Alex found it. Never the less Alex took it to a safe place near his home and visited it every day to feed it berries. Eventually nursing it back to full health and befriending it. When he reached the age of ten, instead of going to get his first pokemon from a lab, Rhyhorn chose to be his first pokemon and together they set out to complete the gym challenge, which he manged to do but he didn't challenge the pokemon league as he thought he wasn't ready yet. After a year Alex returned home to relax and train with the pokemon he had caught/befriended in hopes that he could get strong enough to get his way into the pokemon academy. Eventually after about three years of hard training every day and studying for the exams Alex finally gained entrance into the trainer academy, only taking his trusted Rhyhorn with him.

    Species: Rhyhorn
    Nickname: Rhyha
    Personality: Rhyha is very protective towards Alex, especially if he see’s someone as a threat to him. He’s always ready to fight for him as he owes Alex his life.
    Lvl: 20
    Moves: Rock blast, Take down , Drill run, Protect, Mega horn and Icy wind. Ability: Rock Head.
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    Pokemon trainer academy pokemon team:

    Rhyha (Male Rhyhorn) Level 20: Rock blast, Take down, Mega horn, Icy wind, Drill run, Protect
    Ability: Rock head.

    Lin (Female Linoone) Level 20: Super Fang, Iron Tail, Ice Beam, Fury swipes, Rest, Shadow Claw
    Ability: Quick Feet

    Miean (Male Mienfoo) Level 25: Fake Out, Swift, Detect, Drain Punch, Acrobatics, U-Turn.
    Ability: Re-generator