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Smeargle is a better Baton Passer than Ninjask is because it has access to Spore to make the pass easier. Ninjask also has a nasty Stealth Rock weakness and bad defenses:
-Shell Smash
-Baton Pass
-Taunt/Magic Coat
Nature: Jolly/Timid
EVs/ 80 HP/96 Def/80 SDef/252 Spe
Item: Focus Sash
Ability: Own Tempo

Marowak is too slow to sweep effectively. Dugtrio makes a nice revenge killer for you to use:
-Stone Edge
-Sucker Punch
-Shadow Claw/Substitute
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk/32 Def/224 Spe
Item: Choice Band/Life Orb
Ability: Arena Trap

Latias is better off with this spread to make it faster and bulkier: 252 HP/4 SAtk/252 Spe with a Timid nature. Hidden Power Fire, Substitute and Roar are also the better options over Psychic because Dragon Pulse has good coverage on its own already.

Gliscor or Skarmory are better physical walls over Dusknoir because of their good defensive typings:
-Toxic/Ice Fang/Stealth Rock
Nature: Impish
EVs: 248 HP/188 Def/72 Spe
Item: Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal

-Spikes/Stealth Rock
-Brave Bird/Taunt
Nature: Impish/Careful
EVs: 252 HP/232 Def or SDef/24 Spe
Item: Leftovers/Shed Shell

SubPunching Breloom is no longer the standard Breloom as of B2/W2 due to the release of Technician, but it's still viable. Use the spread of 12 HP/252 Atk/244 Spe to give Breloom optimal Poison Heal recovery.
Ability: Sturdy