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    Ooh. Okay. Well. In high school I had a crush on one of my friends who is gay but he hadn't come out to us at that point so idk. And it wasn't a huge crush.

    But right now I am on the receiving end of an awkward crush and also have an awkward crush. There's this boy and he's like four... five? years younger than me and he's kind of on the edge of my friend group and he likes me and has told me he does and also says he's not giving up on me which is annoying. And I promised it wouldn't be weird but he's making it weird and it's very awkward and I don't like it.
    Aaaand it doesn't help that he knows I have a crush on one of his best friends which is weird because that's my ex's little brother and part of the really close friend group. And this whole situation is annoying so I'm like... ignoring it as best I can and hoping it will go away. :D

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