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    I named myself: Slick. This has been my name in the games for 2 generations. I always like playing as the boy.
    My rival: Lucas. What I have named my rival in the past as well but not always.

    My babies:
    Emboar: Spunky. He most definitely is!

    Froslass: Shiva. Pretty obvious but I think it suits her beautifully.

    Beheeyem: Jedi. I'd like to think he uses The Force for his power :3

    Excadrill: Excaliber. Because he is strong and the name came to me from the beginning of his species name.

    Ampharos: Fender. My mind went to the coolest electric object I could think of. She's a girl but it suits her well.

    Azumarill: Unfortunately my Huge Power water rabbit is nameless. Anything I thought of seemed so cliche I didn't want to give them to her. Will edit if I ever decide on one.

    The bass, the rock, the mic, the treble, I like my coffee black just like my metal~