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    Name: Neddard Connerly. His in-game avatar is called "Golden Bear"
    Age: 18
    Country: Britain

    Appearance: Neddard is about 6'5 and weighs 190 pounds. He usually wears a black tee shirt and dark blue jeans. He has long, dark, ashy charcoal grey hair that hangs down to his shoulders and gets in his eyes when he doesn't blow it out of them. His face is generally serious. He always has a grim expression, even when he is extatic, and his grey, sad eyes and hooked nose don't do anything to help. He has the scrubble of a beard that he shaves weekly that covers his square-set jaw and a light mustache that covers his flat lipped mouth. Ned has a scar that leads down the length of both arms. When people see him, they either steer clear or ask him what he's depressed about because of his sad expression, which he responds too, "I'm not depressed. I'm serious." in his dark, serious voice.

    His character in game avatar is just as large as Neddard is, but more muscular. He wears a scaled bronze breastplate with his emblem displayed on the front: A black grizzly bear with two grey greatswords crossed behind it. The armor has pauldrons that cover his shoulders and biceps, and a skirt type thing that hangs down to his upper calves. His greaves are plain bronze and go all the way up to his calves. They have a break at the knee joint that's covered with a padded cloth to promote flexibility in his joint. His gauntlets cover right up to his elbow, allowing it to move freely, and they are also made of bronze but are scaled at the hands. Neddard's helm is...unusual. It is made of bronze like the rest of his armor, but it has no ordinary shape. It's in the shape of a bear's head, from which he gets his nickname. His greatsword, which he named Fang, is bronze as well. It is six feet long. He has its sheath slung across his back.

    Personality: There isn't much to say about Neddard's personality. He is as serious as he is bold. His face reflects how he acts. Connerly is extremely smart, but tends to spend a majority of his time gaming and playing SOA. He is very awkward around girls, so he tends to travel with his fellow guys. The Bear tends to think out of the box when it comes to strategizing, so his ideas come across as crazy win-proof, but they work. Ned is unhealthily brave and will charge the toughest monster without hesitation if one of his companions is in danger. I'm gonna say again, he is DEAD serious.

    Life before SAO: Neddard was born in London, England.His mother was an airforce technician, and his father was a pilot in the airforce, so he moved around a lot. The grim little boy never had very many friends, so he was a loner. He moved from Liverpool, to New Hampshire, to Stratford Upon Avon, to Greenwich. In an average year, he would attend fifteen different schools. When SAO came out he was living in Manchester. He realized that this would be the perfect oppurtunity to make friends that he wouldn't have to leave in a week, so he bought it first chance he could.

    Current Level: 10
    Weapon: Greatsword
    Non-Combat Skills: Alchemy and Taming
    Summary of first month in Aincrad:
    1. Entered Starter City and purchased the best gear he could while holding enough money for certain things like potions and herbs, then entered the first dungeon. He excelled on the first floor. He joined in on the boss battle and helped defeat him.
    2. On the second floor, he had a bit of difficulty, but prevailed over the boss, going one on one.
    He stayed on the third floor for a long time to help fellow gamers with some monsters.

    Roleplay Sample:
    A hulking bronze figure burst through the treeline with a herd (Or would it be pack?) of Frenzy Boars on its heels. The roar it emitted was terrifying, the sword it drew even scarier. Neddard swung the massive sword with ease, cutting the pack almost in half. The Golden Bear had been running from a dungeon, in which he acquired his new armor and sword, when he was set upon by the pack/herd. He roared in defiance. "Bring it on! I can take all of you!" The boars roared back and charged him all at once....big mistake. The Bear swung his new sword in a large, sweeping arc. The Frenzy Boars never stood a chance.

    After collecting the drops they left he made his way towards town. He had a friend who was skilled in forgery that could make some use out of the hides. As he entered Starter City's gates, several of his closer friends called out in greeting. Connerly responded with a nod of the head, preferring actions over words. To be is a good thing. The Bear's ferocity in battle was well known but his half-dead personality was even more well known.

    After an hour of nothing but wandering, he found his friend and gestured for him to come over. "I have the hides. Do you have the gold?" He nodded and they exchanged goods and went on their way.

    Finished! Finally finished!
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