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Originally Posted by ArcanaFlaera View Post
Name: Arcana
W-what do you want from me!?: To gobble you up, then spit out your bones. Don't worry, I'm just kidding. I really love ice type pokemon, they've been my favorite since forever.
My buddy Articuno, I'll call you [Snowy]!

What's your favorite moment in the fandom that involves an ice-type?

Probably when Ash encounters Lapras. I've always loved that moment,and found it adorable, especially since I've always adored Lapras. She was the first ice type I ever used in Red.
Welcome! I loved that moment too, it was so interesting watching Ash encounter such a rare and powerful Pokémon. I was really surprised when it joined his team though, I didn't expect him to get such a cool Pokémon haha. So why do you love Ice type Pokémon so much? And what made you choose Articuno as your partner? It's a cool Pokémon, especially in the Power of One movie, so I can understand your choice! Anyway, since the owner's not running the club any more I'll add you to the members list on his behalf now. :)

Okaay guys, let's have a new topic in here! :D

Which do you think is the most unique Ice type Pokémon and why?

Personally the Pokémon that instantly came to my head was Froslass. Ice/Ghost is an incredibly surprising type combination and the Pokémon's back story is... different, to say the least haha. There's not many Pokémon that are fabled to come from the ghosts of dead humans so I think that definitely makes it one heck of a unique Pokémon. I'd also go with Snover/Abomasnow based solely on their typing (Grass and Ice are two types that I honestly never thought would go together before Gen IV :p), but the actual designs aren't that surprising so I think Froslass wins. :D