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Not too bad, but you might need some help with dialogue punctuation.

"What you're doing." Bob said. "Is this."

"What you should be doing," Bob corrected, "is this."

Here, a bit more in depth I go!

1. Every quotation begins with a capital letter.

He said, “stand up.” (Wrong)
He said, “Stand up.” (Right)

2. When one quotation is cut into parts by he said, she replied, etc., only the first part begins with a capital. The other parts begin with a lower-case letter.

“Stand up,” he said, “And get your things.” (Wrong)
“Stand up,” he said, “and get your things.” (Right)

3. The punctuation at the end of each quotation is inside the quotation marks.

“Stand up”, he said, “and get your things”. (Wrong in two places)

(4) A period (a full stop) is never put straight before he said, she replied, etc. You may use exclamation marks, question marks, and commas, but not periods.

“Be quiet.” She said. (Wrong)
“Be quiet.” she said. (Wrong)
“Be quiet,” she said. (Right)

5. He said, she said, etc., do not begin with a capital letter when they come after an exclamation mark, question mark, or comma.

“Be quiet!” She said. (Wrong)
“Be quiet!” she said. (Right)

7. If he said (etc.) is not at the end of a sentence, add a comma to the end of he said.

“Jo,” he said “what’s wrong?” (Wrong)
“Jo,” he said, “what’s wrong?” (Right)
“Nothing,” she replied “really.” (Wrong)
“Nothing,” she replied, “really.” (Right)

7. A new paragraph is created whenever a different person begins speaking.

“Hello,” said Smith. “Who are you?” Jones replied. (Wrong. A new paragraph should be created just before Jones says “Who are you?”)

Borrowed from the great opaltiger at TCoD.
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