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    Masters' Rom Base
    Yes, This is a ROM Base. No PC/Pokemart and Gym yet, but I might add It later on :3
    You MUST Credit the Following People if used:
    FM - Tree Tiles
    FlaerKnight/Flyer - Tree Tiles
    PrinceLegendario - House and Lab
    Zein - Mountain Tiles, Rocks and Ledges
    PokemonMasters - For putting the ROM Base Together
    (If you don't credit Everyone, You will be banned from using this ROM Base)

    Want a Pic?


    Okay so I'm back again :3
    This tileset has been recolored by me (Give me credit if you want)
    I was too lazy to insert tiles for this but they are all 16 colors and ready to insert
    Credit the following people for the tiles:
    Silver Dragon

    Oh, and for the tileset used in My Rom base above here is the tileset:
    (All 16 Colors and Ready to insert)

    Credit the following people:
    FM - Tiles
    Flyer/FlaerKnight - Tiles
    PokemonMasters - For recoloring the tiles (Credit Appreciated but not needed )

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