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Click this if you are looking to sign-up!

Season Timeline: Sign-up Phase → Team Preparation → Primary Tournament (paused for sign-ups) → Playoffs

— How This Works

The PokéCommunity League is a team tournament, and the goal is to get inducted into the Hall of Fame. The competition is split up into seasons. There are sign-up phases at the beginning of each season so that existing teams can recruit more players; users can only sign up at this time. Each season is focused on one metagame, and every battle done in that season must be performed in said metagame. During a season there is a primary tournament to decide which team makes it into the playoffs. Once the playoffs ends and the winning team is decided, they will be added to the Hall of Fame. Then, the season ends and a new one starts.

— Battle Rules

• BC's General Battle Rules (which includes the standard clauses)
PC Battle Server only. A Wi-Fi division may be created later.
• This season is BW NU only. (Moveset analyses for said tier can be found here. Don't know what tiers are? Use our Guides & Resources.)
• 6v6 Singles
• Best of Three (Participants battle each other three times. The one who wins the most out of those battles moves onto the next round.)

— Teams

All of these team names and mascots are undecided and temporary.

Team Uno (100)
Forever (0 - 0)
Lapras* (0 - 0)
shnen2 (0 - 0)
Wolflare (0 - 0)
Zeffy (0 - 0)

Completed Main Tour Matches: 0 out of 50

Team Dos (100)
Aryan143 (0 - 0)
Icy Burn (0 - 0)
Miss Doronjo (0 - 0)
P-Sign (0 - 0)
RandomTrainerWhoCould (0 - 0)

Completed Main Tour Battles: 0 out of 50

Team Tres (100)
Archer (0 - 0)
darkserperior (0 - 0)
DaydreamsAway (0 - 0)
krazzikk (0 - 0)
tajaros (0 - 0)

Completed Main Tour Battles: 0 out of 50