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Here's the Raffle board! Everyone who donated has a number of spaces here based on the number of items they donated! Here's how it's gonna work: Starting at 5:00 PM, US Central Time (-6 GMT/-5 UTC) I will remove one ticket every 10 minutes until only one remains. Whoever holds the final ticket is the winner. I will determine which tickets to remove using a random number generator at

Event Raffle

Lunicli is the victor! Surprisingly he managed to hold 3 tickets until the end.

1. Lunicli
2. toasterr
3. Zupplu
4. Charky-101
5. MrTripStack
6. Lunicli
7. Zupplu
8. Lunicli
9. Dragon-T
10. abarai
11. toasterr
12. abarai
13. MrTripStack
14. Charky-101
15. toasterr
16. CourageHound
17. toasterr
18. Lunicli
19. MrTripStack
20. Dragon-T
21. Lunicli
22. Charky-101
23. MrTripStack
24. Zupplu
25. Sakurah
26. abarai
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