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Originally Posted by pinta77 View Post
How fun would it be if in a future game, team Rocket got their hands on a mecha Tyranitar and you had to fight it!?

Personally I'm not a big fan of the Pokéstar addition. I mean, it is a cool idea, but it doesn't appeal to me personally. I prefer things like contests where you're showcasing your own Pokémon that you've worked hard to train for the contests you're doing and where there's quite a lot of variation in what you have to do :3 However, this might just be because I'm seriously bad at the Pokéstar studios lmao. I can't even beat the Elgyem in the first space invaders film so I'm not sure I'm really cut out for being a movie star haha. I do like the idea of fighting props though, that's pretty fun!
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