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    Welcome to a new redux of the PokéCommunity's May fan club!

    I'm restarting this thread after the ownership of the last thread was handed to me by Ralaia. Alex said it would be a good idea to restart, so I did. And I made a nice non-Asian charset-compatible title, 'cause no one likes a bunch of ???????s on older computers lol

    Hopefully the ball gets rolling with some new members, and of course some posts!'

    Membership Format

    It doesn't have to be anywhere near exact to this, but as long as the listed information is provided, you should be good!

    Name: (Username is fine, but if you're comfortable with your first name on the list, that's cool too.)
    Why you like May: (It can be a short answer, but details are always welcome!)
    Approximately how active you hope to be: (Preferrably on a scale of 1 to 10.)
    (Optional) Referrer: (If someone referred you here, list their name.)

    If you want, your welcome to request specific colors for your name on the list, as well as optional bold/italics. If none is specified, your group's username styling will be used. Also, you can provide a hexadecimal color code for your name if you want, although its not required

    Member list


    Honestly I don't know why these are necessary, but Olli said I should add them.
    • All global PokéCommunity rules are to be adhered to.
    • All local Pokémon Clubs rules are to be followed.

    Current Topic

    Here I go with my random creativeness
    What is your favorite episode featuring May?

    Let's get this started, then.