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    Suddenly got the urge to have a shiny Musharna on Friday, so now I'm soft resetting for one on Black. Well, if you have the urge, why surpress it?
    I'm not counting soft resets, though I kinda wish I did now, but I reckon I did about 50-70ish on Friday and easily 100+ today so I'm making some head way! Hoping it'll turn up in about a week like Drifloon did but I'm fine saving THAT luck for Latias!
    Going to be starting my search for Latias either late Sunday or Monday, want to go all the way to Nuvema town and then check out White Forest briefly first. Beat Iris today though, yay!
    Currently on White 2 though, since I had some spare time while soft resetting Musharnas and reading thought the older posts on this thread, I decided to do a 1 night hunt in the doubles grass of Village Bridge. Was hoping I'd get a magical shiny Seviper or Zangoose but nothing showed up so maybe I'll continue at a later date, I really want my golden jet plane dragon!

    So yeah, this is just an update to keep the thread from falling asleep, and also to try and get used to this forum idea so I don't disappear a week from now, heh ;

    Been meaning to soft reset for a Spiritomb for a good 6+ months now also, but that boyfriend of mine is being lazy when it comes to getting the 30 Explorer Kit encounter things, and I'm too lazy to do it myself with my IV gen games. What a pair

    NEXT DAY EDIT don't want to double post after all!

    Finally started soft resetting for Latias, can't count yet because I couldn't find a calculator but I'll guestimate (as always) and start counting hopefully tomorrow! Done about 50-60ish though? And about the same for Musharna. Soft resetting can be slow sometimes... Want to try the Masuda method for the first time next hunt, see if soft resetting feels long after hatching all those eggs! I tried getting a shiny Buneary once with 2 English parents, did about 10 boxes before giving up, that's 300 eggs! And I know sometimes it can take over 1000, even 5000, sheesh! I want a shiny Charmander but I don't want to evolve it in Charizard. I don't think black suits it, but I seem to be in the minority in that one!
    Anyways, that's all for today, wanted a break from pressing A, start and select over and over... Guess I should get back to it.
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