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Total and utter darkness, except for a mere unclothed, mannequin like body floating in the distance, it's front side turned away. It shared the same skin color of Abby's, it's hair even resembled hers, except it wasn't braided. The sight greatly disturbed her.

Abby looked down, attempting to possibly focus her attention on something other than the odd figure floating in the void. She saw absolutely nothing but more darkness, not even herself. It was like she was there in a mental state, but not in the physical. Last she remembered, she had boarded a ship heading for who knew where. Abby tried to speak, and although she could hear the thoughts in her head, they were inaudible as they left her mouth. A sudden panic swept over her, causing her to squirm, well kind of. She felt herself, her body squirming, but as she looked around, Abby once again saw nothing; just the darkness.

Then a voice echoed through the void, it was definitely female, which freaked her out even more. The voice was soft but held a tone of emptiness.

"How pathetic are you, to simply steal from a girl, from a dead girl at that." She glanced up, her eyes involuntarily fixating on the featureless body in front of her. Abby tried to respond, but once again her words could not be heard. She even tried to look away, but for some reason her eyes wouldn't budge. The figure began to turn around.

"And then, to impersonate me? You truly are scum aren't you, nothing but, Abigail." The last word was spoken with a great deal of resentment, the voice hung on it until it faded out. A face began to formulate on the body's head. Absolute shock and a bit of fear rang through her body at the result of the face. It was the girl, the girl she had seen at the department store. The girl who was suppose to be here, instead of her.

"When they find out who you really are, when my Eevee finds out the truth, you will be nothing, you will be-"

Suddenly she felt a falling sensation. Abby shut her eyes in fear. She opened them moments later, and found herself sprawled out on the ship floor, along with her hat in a rather lopsided position. "That was freaking horrible..." The sound of her own voice somewhat comforted her. "Good... I can still talk.. " Facts weren't really helping too much though, because the memory of it all was still fresh in her mind. Abby tried her best to shrug it off, she knew couldn't let a dream ruin her chances to get away from her old life. She helped herself up, looking around once getting to her feet. They appeared to have docked, and at some pier of some sort. It appeared to be in good shape, it stretched a decent length too, in the distance she saw what seemed to be a faint set of ruins.

While adjusting her hat, she remembered something, "Where's Oak?" Abby was suppose to meet him somewhere after the ship had docked. She walked over to a railing, peering over to perhaps get a glimpse of where Oak may have possibly been. Abby finally spotted the old man, and a group of what seemed to be other Professors. Before she turned away, she also began to notice other, from first glance, teens approaching the Professors. She began to wonder if they had also been on the ship. Walking along the railing, Abby tried to find her way off the ship, eventually getting to the retractable staircase. Burying her hands into her pajama pockets, she headed towards the group, mainly walking towards Oak's direction.